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Does any of this sound like you?


  • Your day is filled with busy work. When 5 o'clock rolls around, you worked all day yet somehow didn’t cross anything off your to-do list. 
  • You’ve adopted the "spaghetti strategy" – throwing a bit of everything at the wall to see what sticks... but you don’t truly understand what's working and what's not.
  • You spend hours trying to come up with content… but it’s not quite hitting the mark because it's not converting.

First off, you’re not alone. And second, we’ve got an easy fix!


Ready to hit the ground running in 2023?

(Or dancing if that's more your thing?!)


  • Set clear business goals - then crush them! Whether that means growing your business, sales, leads, engagement, or all of the above… it’s all about intentional planning
  • Get clear on your ideal customer, their needs, challenges and desires, and build out a customer profile, so you know exactly who you’re speaking to and how to reach them
  • Map out your customer journey and create content that answers all your ideal customer’s burning questions, which leads to increased website traffic and higher conversion rates
  • Craft a quarterly business strategy that translates into a monthly tactical plan, so you have clear to-dos to intentionally build your dream business
  • Focus your time and energy where it will drive business results, giving you more time and freedom as you achieve your financial goals

There’s nothing more motivating than creating a plan, sticking to it, and realizing just how much you are capable of!


"Andi completely changed the way I view marketing. I was dedicating entire weeks to content… and I thought that was normal. She helped me narrow down my audience and taught me how think like my customers. Not only has it helped me better focus my time, it's totally transformed my content engagement. "

Cristina McPherson
Marketing Specialist

Hey there!

I'm Andi, a spread-sheet-obsessed marketing expert on a mission to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses using a data-driven approach. The Business Booster Blueprint is the same (but ever-evolving) strategy I've used throughout my 15-year digital marketing career. 

It's helped me manage corporate teams & multimillion-dollar campaigns, land incredible consulting gigs and taken my personal clients' businesses (and my own) to new heights.


Module 1: Set Your Business Goals

  • This module is all about goal setting and identifying what success looks like; after all, you have to set your goals before you crush them!
  • I'll show you examples to get the ball rolling then you'll solidify what you want to achieve, setting goals, and measurable outcomes – I'm talking targets! 

Module 2: Identify Your Ideal Customer

  • A huge part of succeeding in business, is targeting the right people. By answering four simple questions, you'll zero in on the segments who can't live without your product / service. 
  • Then it's time to bring your ideal customer to life. You'll build an ideal customer profile, complete with questions, a template, and an example of my own customer profile to ensure you get yours just right. 
  • By turning your ideal customer into a real person, you'll know exactly who they are, so you can more effectively reach them, speak to them, and ultimately convert them.

Module 3: Create a Customer-Focused Content Strategy

  • This step is critical to creating content that converts! You'll map your customer journey, identify your buyer questions across the journey, determine how you can help them in each stage and the best marketing tactics to reach them.
  • You’ll get step-by-step instructions, prompts, and examples of how to identify your ideal customer’s questions, plus the exact templates we use, so you can plug and play your way into a purposeful (and high converting) content strategy.

Module 4: Craft Your Strategy & Tactical Business Plan

  • Building your dream business is all about having an intentional plan with strategic milestones to keep you focused on the result-drivers.
  • We're giving you a simple template to identify your strategic goals, product and service milestones, plus the content marketing tactics that help move the needle.


Real-life examples!

I'll show you exactly how I implement this process in my own business and give you a sneak peek into my own audience & ideal customer profile!

A BONUS: My Menu of Marketing Tactics

The Business Booster Blueprint is going to help you identify your ideal customer, now it's time to track them down online!

My brand new bonus is going to help you understand what marketing tactics to use (and how to use them) based on where your online audience falls in the customer journey mapping process.

"For someone with little marketing experience, Andi made it easy for me to follow and implement. And I'm already seeing the payoff in leads! It is extremely good value for all the interesting material and templates included. Highly recommend for any small business!"

Edna Marie Turner
Glendale Bookkeeping


  • Creating a plan, executing it, hitting your targets, and transforming your life in the process
  • Reflecting on the last month and quarter, realizing how far you've come, and heading into the next planning cycle with confidence, more motivated than ever
  • Having the freedom to mold your business into exactly what YOU want, no longer dictated by what you think you should be doing
  • Knowing your entrepreneurial journey is the right one

Make that dream a REALITY today!


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