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Quickly and simply measure your clients' monthly progress to Excel-erate their business! 50% off when you buy now!

Business Booster Blueprint - Commercial Use

I charge my clients $3000+ to facilitate this strategy process, so the ROI on these templates is exponential! By following this process, you will get your clients amazing results, and they will be SO impressed!

If you don't measure it, did it even happen? Not in our books!

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Quickly and easily set profit and revenue targets, then track your clients' progress with the marketing metrics that matter. Simply populate a few inputs into this editable Excel template, then let the spreadsheet work its magic. Your clients' data is visualized into a beautiful dashboard, so you can easily report back to them and identify new opportunities.

The Marketing Metrics Dashboard Template will help you answer the following questions:

  1. How much revenue was generated and did we reach our targets?
  2. Which products and services are selling best?
  3. Which lead magnets and product marketing funnels are most effective?
  4. Are the webinars driving sales?
  5. Does the website effectively engage users and drive conversions?
  6. Which ads work best to capture attention, drive traffic, and convert users?

Measuring your clients' marketing results is the key to improving them, and proving your services' value. So let's get to Excel-erating your clients' businesses. Their monthly targets and results are just a few clicks away!